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At Pencil Designs, we take every single step of branding seriously, starting with thelogo design. We are strong believers that a good branding design starts with a great logo design. In fact, It is your first chance at a good impression.

First of all, it is important to understand that your business logo means more than just some symbols, lines, colors or fonts. It means a character; a personality clients can relate to. To achieve this, it requires finding the identity that matches your corporate values as well as your product offering.


Every detail matters, so you have to make it count. We have an understanding of the conscious and subconscious meanings of forms, representations, and color tones, together they serve psychologically to define how a brand is recognized. Our team knows how to use these factors to make them work to our client’s advantage when designing a logo. Our ultimate goal is making sure they represent the voice of your business and your personality.


Our process

01. Creative Debriefing

Understand the nature of the business, customer groups and aspirations, selling points, target brand’s vision, values and personality, founders’ own visual preferences and tastes among many other things.

02. Research

Our creative team start conducting research based on the brief at hand. Research will include studying the industry sector and direct and in-direct competitors, design trends, ideas and metaphors connected to the target brand all in search of a main Big idea to base the logo concepts upon.

03. Rounds

1st round of hand-drafted Logo concepts/directions to get the client’s initial visual feedback then a 2nd round of Logo options if needed

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