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Workspaces is a corporate productivity mobile application that help users to organize their information, tools, and everyday tasks.

It’s a productivity tool designed to make it easy to manage different projects and collaborate with others. With Workspaces everything about a project — files, browser tabs, third-party applications and more — can be organized on one screen.

No matter where your project information resides, Workspaces affords you both a glance able and an in-depth look at it.

It is a flexible tool that effectively relieves the mental load of personal and collaborative project management.

 Horizon Towers City of Lights Al Reem Island UAE

The Main Goal

Our objective is to create a dynamic branding identity with enjoyable user experience ( UX) from scratch to pixel-perfect User interface design (UI) of the screens which leads to:

  • Create an user experience (UX) which makes it easier to start new work or continue existing work.
  • Help the mobile application users organize information and resources around a project in a quick and easily understandable manner.
 Horizon Towers City of Lights Al Reem Island UAE

Branding Identity design

Based on all the data and trends we identified & collected, we made sense out of it and formulated the app user’s personas:

  • The visual identity design must enhance the functionality of finding information quickly.
  • Improve the User Interface (UI) to ensure key elements & features are easily accessible within the mobile application.
 Horizon Towers City of Lights Al Reem Island UAE

Mobile application UI and UX Designing Process

We followed a user-centered design process with a focus on qualitative data collection and analysis to extract rich design insights and decided to focus on the following design goals:

  • Help users organize information on their projects effectively
  • Prevent users from losing information while working
  • Prevent users from getting overwhelmed with too much information
  • Provide shortcuts to access necessary temporary information
 Horizon Towers City of Lights Al Reem Island UAE


We were able to achieve:

  • Easing the overall experience for users to manage huge amount of information without losing it.
  • Increasing the mobile application monthly active users.
  • Productivity to be increased & improved by easy to navigate functions and tabs.
 Horizon Towers City of Lights Al Reem Island UAE

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