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UX Assessments. get your existing product tested for usability. Identify the points of weakness and where your users get confused and decide to leave after failing to accomplish their goals (and those of your business as well!)

UX Design. Your product flow of screens and layout of information and user interactions are designed, tested and improved ready for the UI design phase. Now you can see, touch and feel your product that is now way more tangible.

UI Design. User interface of your product is finalized down to the colors, font and line styles and the visual assets are ready for the development team to implement your product

Development. the design and interactions are now coded, you can click, scroll and watch the transitions and animations for both Web and Mobile

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UX Design

A product is said to be usable when an average user with an average user experience, demographic, interests and tech savviness would find the product easy and pleasant to use and will be able to perform his or her intended tasks and goals easily with the minimum amount of frustration.

As you could imagine this can’t only rely on how your website or web/mobile application look aesthetically, the choice of colors or how the flow of information is structure but rather on the intricate craft of User Experience, UX or Usability Design.

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The five planes of ux

we adopt the 5 Planes of UX framework towards the design of product usability from Strategy to UI Design and front-end development going through requirements and user goal analysis, competitive research, user personas and interviews, wireframing and user testing.


Stakeholders are interviewed to understand the overall goals and objectives of the product from both the business/product
and users points of view.


After planning the user flow of the product we start to sketch and wireframe the screens to have a better understanding of how the product will shape up and how each screen will be laid out.


In this phase and based on the previous user interviews, user stories are crafted to specify users’ own process in accomplishing a certain task and figure out how they categorize data to have a better understanding of that task and what makes them struggle in accomplishing that task in order to solve it in the product and how will the information architecture of the new product look like

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